Stress Management Program

If you’re like most busy people, then you’re probably on the verge of a nervous breakdown – what will all the paperwork you need to finish before the deadline, appointments you need to attend, and other personal stuff you had to prepare. You’re only 30, you say, but why is it that you feel your body aching all over? Well, my friend, you may be stressed and need a break.

The minute you step out of your house on your way to work, your stress meter rises dramatically. Each incident in your day only adds to your distress and irritation, further upsetting an already stressed-out you. Stress is something you cannot totally eliminate in your life, considering you manage a lot of things each day. It is not all bad. We need a certain amount of it to stay challenged, motivated and happy. Besides, we have different levels of stress tolerance. But too much stress will take a serious toll on both our emotional and physical well-being.

The basic of stress management is good health – proper diet, regular exercise and enough sleep. Here are other ways to reduce stress and reclaim your life;

Identify Your Stressors – Avoid or Resolve Them

Know the ultimate source of your stress. Like for example, if your job is your main source of stress but you have the luxury of quitting anytime you want, identify which aspect of your job stresses you most. If it’s a co-worker, find ways to minimize your dealings with that person or get additional training for yourself. If your current job is not paying you enough, decide if you can take the stress of a second job or scout for a better-paying one. If it’s all about your family or friends, learn to manage their expectations and don’t promise more than you can deliver. Be honest and define clearly how much you can handle and give of your time, money and effort.

Know Your Priorities

So many people and errands demand your attention. Pick out your priorities wisely. Managing stress starts with knowing what is more important to you. You must also learn to say no. Once you have picked out your priorities, categorize the rest of the competing concerns. Which can you delegate? Which can you put off? Say no, let go.

Find Time To Relax

Devote an hour or more a week to an activity that relaxes you – a hobby, read a nice book, play with your kids, have your nails done – and other activities that are not related to your work and family commitments. It may sound selfish to reserve some “me time” for yourself when you hardly have enough time for your family, but you’ll be surprised at how relaxed you are and how your days go better when you spend at least an hour a day at your own thing. Take a break from your laptop and cell phone for a while to give yourself some much needed downtime.

So keep a cool head, have some quality time for yourself and notice the difference it does to your life. A simple and smart way to improve your life is to have extra time – that is, be a bit ahead of everything. That way, you are not rushing and stressed out all the time.

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